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           *Mission Starfish Haiti


Silentor Esthil-Henderson is the founder of "Mission Starfish" in Haiti. Silentor is a native born Haitian, who has spent 15 years in the U.S. he returned to Haiti to open a school in 2012. The school serves 172 students from Kindergarten through 4th grade. These are students who might have otherwise spent those growing up years on the streets.


Starfish is currently 1.) providing affordable Christian schools that offer extracurricular activities, 2.) sharing the gospel through church services, Bible studies, and evangelism, 3.) planning to create a health clinic to provide treatment to children and adults, and 4.) providing economic development via sewing programs that allow women to create their own small businesses, and also via a guesthouse that will bring tourism to the area and provide jobs.


Silentor visits Immanuel, usually in the summer, to share some of his story and the work of Mission Starfish Haiti. We hope you'll be able to join us. We, at Immanuel, are seeking to follow Jesus' directive when He said, "Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone." We may not be able to go ourselves but we have many opportunities to financially and prayerfully support those who are missionaries in America and across the globe. If you would like to learn more about Mission Starfish Haiti please go to their website and if you'd like to donate, click HERE.


                 *Corey and Emilie Munsell


                                           Corey and Emilie work with Global Partners and most recently, were missionaries to Albania. Albania is a Muslim                                               state where most have never heard of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, let alone come in contact with a believer. The Munsells desire to be used by the Lord to proclaim the Good News, to bind up the broken hearted, and to proclaim freedom among the captives.

They believe that the youth of Albania are the ones that will become the next leaders of the church, that the youth will grow and expand the Kingdom of God in Albania (and here in America). Their goal is to empower the youth to go and make disciples of their own nation.


They visited our church in May to share what God has been doing in Albania and how people can get involved in that, but also to share that God can speak through each and everyone of us. Many people have been a part of their ministry through giving financially and through prayer and through giving encouragement - that is what Immanuel is doing. We are partnering with them in the Great Commission in Albania



  • January: Habitat for Humanity- Kankakee

  • February: Church World Services

  • March: Emmaus Homes

  • April:  Angola Partnership (benefits the Evangelical Congregation Church of Angola)

  • May: Mission Starfish Haiti

  • June: Back Bay Missions, Biloxi MS

  • July: Fortitude Community Outreach (Kankakee County)

  • August: Prayer Quilt Ministry

  • September: Peotone Helping Hands

  • October: Peotone American Legion Needy Children's Holiday Program

  • November: Heifer Project International

  • December: Manteno Veterans Home 

A  few  of  the  missions  we  support

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation Mark 16:15

Our semi-annual mission trip to Back Bay will be taking place in January of 2023. The team will be going to rehab residential homes, but will also have to chance to interact with the homeowners and spread the love of Jesus through their actions and their words. If you're interested in joining us, please call the church office. There are several fundraisers to help defray the costs.

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