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About Us


Immanuel Church was established 150 years ago by German settlers who needed a  place to worship. They started Immanuel Church in Peotone, IL . Since then, as our community has grown and  changed, our church has grown and changed. We welcome anyone who is seeking God, to be a part of our church and our services. At Immanuel Church in Peotone, IL, we believe in the holy, inspired Word of God to be completely true and as applicable to our lives now as it was when it was witten. We believe in one God, made up of the trinity - God, the Father; God, the Son; and God, the Holy Spirit.  We believe that Jesus Christ, God's Son, lived as a man on earth, was killed for our sakes, and 3 days later, God raised Him from the dead. Having conquered death, Jesus now sits in heaven at God's right hand preparing a place for all those who believe in Him. Pastor Terry Krouskoupf always preaches from the Bible and teaches how God's Word can still be applied to our daily lives.

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